Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint analysis of the University of Phayao. It shows that the carbon footprint of the university in the year 2016 is equal to 17,198 tons of carbon dioxide per year. However, regarding the calculation of carbon footprint per staff members and students (22,500 staff members and students), it was found that carbon footprint was 0.74 tons of carbon dioxide per person as shown in table.

Table Carbon Footprint of the University of Phayao

Carbon footprint

(Tons of carbon dioxide)

Carbon footprint per students

 (Tons of carbon dioxide)

Scale 1

Scale 2

Scale 3










SourceEnvironmental Section, Division of Building and Facilities, University of Phayao, 2018

 Most of the carbon footprints of the university come from the second boundary, which is considered to be specific energy, with emphasis on electricity consumption. The university has a carbon footprint of 11,351 tons of carbon dioxide per year or 0.49 tons of carbon dioxide per person. Because of the use of electricity, the university installed 500 kW solar cells, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the analysis of the first scale of carbon footprint has the least greenhouse gas emissions. The policy prohibits the use of motorcycles in the campus area and mass transportation uses a natural gas, therefore, it is reflected that the university has a carbon footprint of 1,292 tons of carbon dioxide per year and the third is considered indirectly to greenhouse gas emissions. The university can consider the amount of plastic bottles, the number of paper, water consumption, etc. The carbon footprint in the third scale is 4,643 tons of carbon dioxide per year.