The University of Phayao from Thailand came to visited Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan.


On March 9th, a delegation from the School of Business and Communication Arts at University of Phayao in Thailand, led by Vice Dean Sait Chuayounan, visited Fu Jen Catholic University. Fu Jen was the only university in Taiwan chosen by the delegation. Fu Jen representatives including Yang Chun-chi, Vice President for International Affairs, Ma Ming-jie, Deputy Vice President for International Affairs, Huang Hsiao-yun, Vice Dean of the College of Management, Huang Kai-ping, Director of the International MBA Program, and Lin Yao-nan, Director of the MGEM Program warmly welcomed the delegation and engaged in lively interactions.


During the meeting, Fu Jen faculty introduced the history, academic units, and teaching philosophy of the university to the delegation, and also shared the experience of Fu Jen's international education and industry-academic cooperation. The faculty also expressed a warm welcome and gratitude to the delegation, shared the teaching and research achievements of the College of Management, and hoped to initiate more cooperation with University of Phayao in teaching and research. Both universities exchanged experiences in international cooperation and discussed possibilities for future student exchanges, student internships, dual-degree programs, and 3+1+1 bridge programs. After the in-depth discussion, the delegation was invited to visit the campus and learn about Fu Jen's facilities. Later, Fu Jen hosted a dinner for the delegation, and Vice President for Resources and Career Development Hsieh Pang-chang and Dean of the College of Management Lee Chien-yu also attended the dinner.


University of Phayao is a comprehensive university located in northern Thailand, established in 1999 and officially named University of Phayao in 2010. The university's campus is vast and located in a beautiful mountainous area. Currently, the university has 12 colleges, including the College of Humanities, College of Law, College of Business, College of Agriculture, College of Engineering, and others, covering multiple fields of study, and offering multiple master's and doctoral programs. Fu Jen, with its rich history, looks forward to sparking new ideas and opportunities for cooperation with University of Phayao across different generations.


This visit not only showed Fu Jen's warm welcome to the University of Phayao delegation but also further promoted exchange and cooperation between the two universities. The successful visit further deepened mutual understanding and trust and provided more opportunities and possibilities for future cooperation in teaching, research, industry-academic cooperation, and other areas. This visit laid a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two universities.

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