The Average Number of Passengers per Bus in the Campus

University of Phayao has proceeded the car rental contract provided by limited partnership Siri Wittaya. There are 40 welfare vehicles using NGV fuel and total budget is 1,124,990 USD per year. The operation starts from 06.30-21.30 hrs. Average daily traffic allowance is 20 cycles per vehicle (front of campus) and 15 cycles per vehicle (dormitory route of UP Dorm). The ratio of welfare services of the population of the university is shown in figure

Figure The Ratio of Welfare Services of the Population of University of Phayao

SourceSecurity Section, Division of Building and Facilities, University of Phayao, 2018

An Initiative to Reduce the Use of Personal Cars in the University

University of Phayao has a policy of limiting car and motorcycle. The staff and students who use the motorcycle have to park at the parking lot in front of the university and there are 40 buses (Purple) for providing them service.