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Main Campus Setting

Main Campus Setting

Urban (University of Phayao, Thailand)

          University of Phayao is located at Mae Tum Forest, in Tambon Maeka, Phayao Province. University of Phayao belongs to the district Muang Phayao which is located in the northern part of Thailand. The physical geography area based on Indo-China hotspot including NO.1 Northern Indochina Subtropical Forests ecoregion NO.12 Kayah-Karen Montane Rain Forests NO.22 Northern Thailand-Laos Moist Deciduous Forests.

          The central administrative district of Phayao province comprises a total area of 842 km2, and a population of 126,934. This affords a low population density of 141 inhabitants per km2.

          There are total areas are 3 plots. University of Phayao requiring for a permission to using the area. It had got the permission from Royal Forest and followed totally arrangements.

          The Royal Forest are clarifying to 3 using areas to University of Phayao as follows.

                    1. The 1st plot as following the announcement of Royal Forest Department’s no. 31/2542 dated 29th March 1999. The area are covers 1,625 acres of the Mae Tum Forest.

                    2. The 2nd plot. It was announced in the Royal Forest Department’s agreement no. 32/2542 dated 29th March 1999 is the area covers 186 acres of the Mae Tum Forest and the Mae Na Ruea Forest.

                    3. The 3rd plot had announced in the Royal Forest Department’s policies no. 4/2556 dated 25th April 2013. The area are covers 228 acres of the Mae Tum Forest.

                   The area, in total, is 2,039 acres.

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