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Energy and Climate Change

Number of Innovative Program(s) During Covid-19 Pandemic

Number of Innovative Program(s) During Covid-19 Pandemic

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          UVC is used to maintain air quality standards despite the dynamics of cooling load and the dynamics of biological pollutants in the room. There are also innovations in room sterilization using UVC rays for biological pollutants attached to the surfaces such as benches, floors, and walls. Irradiating of rooms is carried out automatically every time the room is about to be used or after an activity and can be automated via condition sensors attached to PC-operated web cams.

          The irradiation process is carried out at certain time intervals when the room unoccupied. During the process the door is closed and information is displayed to users outside. UVC wavelengths can be remotely regulated so they can be used for multi-organic sterilization of pollutants (biological pollutants).

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