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Recycling Program For University Waste

Recycling Program For University Waste


          Regarding Waste Recycling Project of University of Phayao, More than 40 garbage bins have been established to raise awareness of waste separation among staff and students Including activities in line with the reuse policy. During this time the information all of above had shown that University of Phayao had studied the management of solid wastes surrounding the university. We want to solve the environment pollution are caused from solid wastes effectively and sustainably.

          University of Phayao each year produces about 350-550 tons of waste/year, or 35-45 tons/month, with a daily waste volume of about 1.8 tons/day, or about 1,179 kilograms/day, with the composition of the waste divided into plastics and plastic bags approximately 42%, organic waste and food waste approximately 26%,Non recycle waste approximately 16%, recycled waste approximately 15% and hazardous waste approximately 1% as shown in Figures 1 and 2.

         University of Phayao has a policy in regard to waste separation and comprehensive waste management The material obtained from the sorting is recycled. And the least amount of waste left Including the use of resources economically, cost-effectively and for maximum benefit. Towards a low-carbon society by having organized various activities related to the reduction of waste within University of Phayao, such as waste sorting campaigns, reducing foam containers, as well as reducing the use of single-use plastics in University of Phayao stores, etc.

          Moreover, University of Phayao has continued to study and find methods to resolving solid wastes and seminar at Solid Waste Management Center of Thailand and studying from national innovation. The objective is adapted to University of Phayao by Recycling Program for University Waste by details following.

          1. Campaign to elevate awareness of Garbage Sorting from the beginning. University of Phayao has carried out campaign activities to raise awareness of waste separation from the beginning by creating labels to classify waste according to various trash bins of the university so that staff and 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Amount of waste (kg) 2019 2020 2021 Plastic / Plastic bag 42% Recycle 15% Organic waste / food waste 26% Non recycle waste 16% Hazardous waste 1% students can separate garbage properly. As a result, waste can be utilized in more ways, as shown in Figures 3 and 4.

          In addition, employees are also asked to clean and sort the waste before sending it to a garbage truck to take to the waste sorting plant of University of Phayao, as shown in Figures 5.

Fig 5. Campaign to elevation awareness of Garbage Sorting from the beginning.

         Waste sorting activities at the source can reduce the university's waste for recycling by as much as 13% of the total waste in the University of Phayao. By separating plastic bottles, paper, glass, aluminum to be sold to the recycling shop.

         2. Reduce foam containers within University of Phayao.

         The problem of foam containers It is one of the most important problems within the university. From the data collection, it was found that each day The university has foam boxes from putting food in various activities of the university, averaging about 4,600 boxes per day, and the university is unable to effectively manage foam waste.

         Therefore, in order to reduce foam waste in the university Relevant agencies have therefore carried out activities to refrain from using foam containers within the University of Phayao. By distributing biodegradable boxes to shop operators and agencies The university has piloted 100,000 biodegradable boxes, as well as issued an announcement from University of Phayao about refraining from using foam containers in various activities, as shown in Figures 6.

           In addition, the university by environmental works A study was conducted to compare the degradation of biodegradable boxes and foam boxes. To be used to communicate and campaign to create a spirit of office for staff and students of the University of Phayao to stop using foam boxes.

           From such activities, it was found that the University of Phayao was able to reduce the amount of foam box waste by up to 95% of the foam box waste left in the university.

          3. Reduce using of single-use plastics within University of Phayao.

          University of Phayao Signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the one-time reduction of plastic waste in 7-11 convenience stores in the university on July 5, 2018. Which the content of the memorandum of understanding It is a collaboration of the Sustainable University Network of Thailand. The activities have been expanded to various stores. Inside the University of Phayao 75 merchants were invited to sign a memorandum of understanding on reducing plastic waste. The contents of the Memorandum of Understanding are as follows:

          1) Stop giving free plastic bags with handles to staff and students of University of Phayao. Except hot food and to support the lending cloth bag activity at Phayao University will continue the activity or other activities where the university requests that the shop operators within the University of Phayao cooperate

          2) Reduce the amount of waste from plastic glasses and plastic straws Convenience stores that sell beverages and shops that sell beverages will be discounted 0.07 USD. For staff and students who bring their own water glasses. And will not automatically plastic straws anymore.

          3) Reduce the amount of plastic cutlery, forks, food stores and convenience stores that sell food will no longer automatically provide plastic cutlery. And every time, ask staff and students first if they need plastic spoons, forks or not.

          4) In addition, University of Phayao and shop operators within the University of Phayao will cancel foam food containers in convenience stores and in other stores as well as in the university canteen The food shops will have a discount of 0.1 USD. For staff and students who bring their own food boxes.

          From the aforementioned activities, it was found that the results of the examination were at a good level. Because it has already started in the first phase with the 7-11 shop within the university. Most of the staff and students are aware of the use of cloth bags. In addition, shop operators cooperate in refraining from handing out plastic bags. Plastic cutlery. The agencies involved in the activity hope that the amount of plastic waste can be reduced by at least 30 percent from the original amount of plastic waste.

           Therefore, University of Phayao can recycle waste according to various programs up to 84% of the total waste It can be displayed as a graph between the total amount of waste each month and the amount of waste to be recycled, as shown in Figure 14.

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