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Program to Reduce The Use of Paper and Plastic in Campus

Program to Reduce The Use of Paper and Plastic in Campus


          The ‘UP Reduce and Reuse Plastic Bags’ campaign is consistent with the key tenets of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). The campaign promotes the mantra, ‘If you cannot reuse it, refuse it’.

          The campus-based ‘Seven-Eleven’ mini-supermarket is party to a memorandum of understanding with the university concerning the reduction of single-use plastics. The agreement was forged under the collaboration that is the Sustainable Universities Network of Thailand, and has also been extended in its application to other campus-based trade outlets (some 75 individual outlets). The memorandum requires the outlets to:

           A. Offer plastic bags only upon the purchase of takeaway hot food;

           B. Discount by 2THB the sale of any beverage for which the purchaser provides their own container;

           C. Provide plastic cutlery only upon request; withdraw provision of plastic straws;

           D. Discount by 3THB the sale of any food item for which the purchaser provides their own container; withdraw provision of foam containers. 

           1. University of Phayao has an online documentation system via IT network to support paperless systems and reduce paper usage in daily work and can greatly reduce paper usage. This means that the University of Phayao can reduce CO2 emissions and save the world, as shown in Figures 1.

          2. University of Phayao has a policy for faculties and agencies. Participated in the Green Office assessment of the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion. In the evaluation, there are indicators in the use of paper with a sense of value. By reducing the use of paper and the use of two-sided paper, documents are inspected before printing every time.

           3. University of Phayao has a policy of “Reduce Reuse plastic bag in the last 3 years. We can reduce around 2.5 million bags per year or reduce 90% of plastic waste in university”.

           "UP Reduce & Reuse Plastic Bag" project is consistent with the campaign's key points of United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) this year focused its campaign on "Waste Plastic Pollution" (Beat Plastic Pollution) is the same direction around the world as “if you cannot reuse it, refuse it".

           University of Phayao had did an agreement to reduce using of single-use plastics of 7-11 within campus. The content of the memorandum of understanding, It is a collaboration of the Sustainable Universities Network of Thailand. It has expanded activities to any shops within the university. We had invite entrepreneurs 75 stores to sign a memorandum of understanding to reducing plastic waste. The content on a memorandum of understanding as following;

          1) Cancel the granting of free plastic bags to staffs and students of Phayao University except hot food stuffs. Furthermore, we are supporting and continue cloth bags loaning activities or other activities are requesting entrepreneurs to cooperate within the University of Phayao.

          2) Reduce the amount of plastic glass and plastic straws wastes at convenience store are selling beverage. They are discount 2 bath for staffs and students who bring their own glasses. Additionally, they aren’t provide plastic straws anymore.

          3) Reduce amount spoons and forks are plastics at canteens and convince store. They aren’t automatically providing plastics spoons and forks anymore. However, they can ask staffs and students “Did they need plastic spoons and forks or not?”

           4) Entrepreneurs of convenience store and canteens inside campus within University of Phayao had cancel foam container. Canteens are discount 3 bath for stuffs and students who bring their own food carriers

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