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Organic Waste Treatment

Organic Waste Treatment


          University of Phayao has organic waste (i.e., garbage, discarded vegetable, and plant matter) about 26% of total waste. The management of the university will use leaf waste to produce compost and food waste to produce biogas for use in the university canteen.

          Mechanical and Biological Waste Treatment (MBT) is a system that generates Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF), utilizing two tons of untreated waste per day.

          The first process of the system involves the sorting of the waste. Approximately 10% of the untreated waste is recyclable aluminium, glass, paper and plastic. This is separated by hand. The remaining 90% progresses to a process of aerated fermentation that avoids generation of methane gas and is capable of reducing the moistness of the waste by 40%. The fermentation process takes 15 to 20 days to complete. This treated waste finally travels through an air separation chamber, creating the final products of natural fertilizer and organic fertilizer.

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