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Inorganic Waste Treatment

Inorganic Waste Treatment


          1. Inorganic Waste treatment in University of Phayao had foreseen the installation of an inorganic waste collector in which WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) could be gathered. The main scope of the project was to optimize, and generally improve, the recycle process of small WEEEs in order to recover valuable precious metals and rare earth elements, through a low impact pilot-project.

          2. Battery Project: the project, starts from the collaboration between the University and Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited, has the aim to raise users and citizen awareness on WEEEs collection and recycling.

3. Mechanical and Biological Waste Treatment.

          Sorting system and Mechanical and Biological Waste Treatment or MBT of the University of Phayao. It is a waste management system that uses mechanical and biological systems to produce waste fuel (RDF) and can support the amount of waste, 15 tons/day, of which the amount of waste of the University of Phayao is 2 tons/day. Waste fuel production technology is a waste management system where all waste can be brought into the system. In which the system's work process will be sorted by the system itself. It will be able to segregate recyclable waste such as clear plastic bottles, opaque plastic bottles, glass, paper, zinc, cans. The system is able to separate about 10% of the recyclable waste from the system. Which is put to good use by selling it to the recycling shop.

         The waste is then transferred to Section 2, the MBT composting system, where the waste is passed through a magnetic platform to separate the scrap. And a cutting or sub-chopping system In order to reduce the size of the waste into smaller pieces, most of the waste imported into the MBT system is no more than 20 centimeters in size. This system works mainly by mechanical means. The machine will turn the waste pile into the MBT fermentation room so that the heat under the waste pile can be vented, resulting in the waste being dry and with minimal humidity. This system can remove moisture of the waste up to 40% of the total waste weight. This MBT system is aerated fermentation so no methane is produced and the MBT composting room system will compost waste for at least 15-20 days to keep the waste dry and ready for use. The waste from this system is called RDF, and the products obtained from this sorting section are RDF type A and RDF type B and biofertilizer.

Accounted for 45% of all waste that enters the system. The University of Phayao has been used for the following benefits:

          From Figures 4. RDF type A accounts for about 28% of all waste that enters the system and RDF type B accounts for approximately 12% of the total waste that enters the system. The university sells it to the company. Thai Cement Public Company Limited, Lampang Province, uses fuel from waste that can be produced to generate electricity in the production process of the cement company's factory.

           The analysis results data obtained MBT system calorific value of the products are from the Gross Heating value” was spontaneous by Bomb Calorimeter Mechanical. We had found that RDF grade A provides calorific value 9,676.86 kcal / kg. In another way, RDF grade B provides heating Value 7,844.56 kcal/kg. Compost Manure are provided calorific value 3,256.13 kcal/kg by trading wastes fuel. University of Phayao are distribute waste fuel to The Siam Cement Public Company Limited. Which is charged with the heating cost of equivalent to 40-47 USD/ton. The nowadays MBT system can reduce garbage surrounding University of Phayao 96% of the total waste on campus.

         Thus, inorganic waste (i.e., rubbish/garbage, trash, discarded paper, plastic, metal, etc.) of University of Phayao accounts for about 73% of the total waste and the University of Phayao can dispose of them properly.

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