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Toxic Waste Handled

Toxic Waste Handled

Description: Management of (solid/liquid/gaseous) hazardous waste is directed by University of Phayao in 8 faculty spread out in all the University districts. Every faculty is provided with:

          • a Temporary Waste Storage (figure 1) to safely store the Hazardous Waste received from the labs where they are originated until they are picked up from the authorized Company;

         • 1-3 trained Technicians, who give instruction for waste packaging and labeling and fill documents to comply with national and international regulations.

In terms of waste management, chemicals and hazardous waste, the contractor Recycle Engineering Co., Ltd. precede the disposal yearly. The amount of chemicals and hazardous waste is shown in figure and the disposal of hazardous chemicals and hazardous waste

In this regard, Chemicals and hazardous waste of University of Phayao is approximately 8-10 tons/year, which has been collected and disposed of efficiently.

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