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Water Conservation Program Implementation

Water Conservation Program Implementation


          University of Phayao has 2 important water sources for producing piped water: Catchment no 1 has a storage volume of 690,000 m3 and a second catchment has a storage volume of 350,000 m3 by water comes from the rain water that falls in the basin and the rain that comes from the drain gutter in the building. The production capacity is 500 m3/h. (2 water production plants, 250 m3/h/plant)

          All buildings of the University of Phayao have a separated sewerage system, for waste water and for clean water (rainwater). Rain water is thus collected from the roofs of the buildings and is then discharged into the local ponds around the buildings. The university has also buildings where all the rainwater is collected for toilet flushing and for watering the plants inside the building. At our campus we have a separate sewerage system. We collect rainwater from the roof, parking area etc. and discharge this in the ponds and channels at our campus.

          Water preservation project of University of Phayao has been implemented in many forms to save water, such as bringing glass bottles to the bathroom in the offices of the President Building to reduce the use of tap water. Furthermore, Save Water Save the UP, which is an activity that encourages the staff and students of to be aware of water savings including the awareness of using of water.

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